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Do you need help with product development or R&D work? Our Medfiles R&D team is here, ready to help you with your product development projects – all the way from early formulation and clinical phases to full life-cycle management, for both human and veterinary products.

Medfiles provides high-quality R&D expertise solutions to meet the pharmaceutical development challenges of our customers, for a wide variety of dosage forms of medicinal products.

Our R&D laboratory and cleanroom production facilities enable the manufacturing of small-scale non-sterile liquids and solid dosage forms as well as early formulation work for sterile products and IMP manufacturing.

Our experienced R&D team is currently working on several on-going formulation development projects, such as product improvement of various medicinal products.

For more information on product development and our R&D services, please contact:

Minna Johanna Heiskanen

Minna Johanna Heiskanen
Laboratory Manager
Tel. +358 20 744 6838

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