Medfiles gathered to celebrate its 35th anniversary


This year, Medfiles celebrates its impressive 35-year journey as a leading CRO in the Nordic and Baltic countries. On 16 September, the Medfiles offices from Finland and the Baltic countries gathered to celebrate the anniversary in Kuopio, the city where the Medfiles headquarters is located. The day consisted of team meetings, a beautiful lake cruise and a glamorous dinner party with speeches, video greetings and live music and dancing.

“It has been a pleasure to see Medfiles grow during these past 23 years I have worked here. After weeks of planning and organising this 35 years event, it was great to see everyone, from five different countries, celebrating together and having a blast. The celebration was a great way to recognise our company and bring our people together to have fun in Kuopio, where Medfiles was born,” says Kirsi Kannassalo, Head of Accounting and Administration, the main organiser of the celebration.

35 years of expertise – the Medfiles journey to becoming the leading CRO

In 1987, the idea of a service organisation for pharmaceutical companies was born, and Oy Medfiles Ltd was established. The company of five private shareholders and four employees has now grown into a business with some 180 experts and a history of 35 years.

Today, Medfiles is one of the oldest and largest CROs in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The company consists of six different units, each with a unique history of its own.

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The Medfiles CEO Norifumi Ninokata was interviewed by Kuopio-based newspaper Savon Sanomat for an article about the 35 years of Medfiles. The article is available here in Finnish >

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