GDP, Responsible pharmacist and product complaints

Medfiles offers you services of Responsible Person for Wholesale in Finland. Our team of eligible Responsible Persons for Wholesale have degrees in Pharmacy with competence, experience, and training in GDP, as well as extensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry. We can offer company-based Responsible Person or tailor-made services according to your needs – depending on whether you need a whole service or a short-term back-up (for example during holidays). Our team also has extensive knowledge of product complaint handling and can assists you with other GDP related tasks.

Responsible pharmacists in Finland 

  • Full, dedicated named person
  • Deputy person
  • Delegated tasks

GDP services

  • Wholesale licence applications
  • Preparation and update of SOPs
  • GDP audits
  • GDP training and consultation
  • Consultation services
    • Import and logistics
    • Narcotics control and mandatory reserve supplies

Management of product complaints

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