Microbiological services

We offer you comprehensive services for microbiological analyses and consulting. We have GMP-qualified, experienced, and committed personnel who are professionals in delivering accurate and scientifically valid results. Our personnel undergo continuous professional training to ensure that you receive services of the highest quality standard. We continuously develop our laboratories towards fully electronic data handling in order to secure the integrity of analytical raw data, in compliance with the latest regulatory requirements. This, together with constant investments in the laboratory techniques and facilities, ensures that we can keep up with the needs of our clients. Our laboratories have a GMP licence and GMP certificates.

Microbiological analytics and consulting services

Our GMP certified microbiological laboratories provide a large scale array of analytical methods and also proficient consultancy services for microbiological challenges. Microbiological analyses are performed according to the current Pharmacopoeias.

  • Determination of the total aerobic microbial count and the amount of yeast or mold (TAMC /TYMC)
  • Examination of water for pharmaceutical purposes
  • Testing for specified microorganisms
  • Product or water examination on bacterial endotoxins using gel-clot and chromogenic kinetic techniques
  • Particulate contamination: Sub-visible particles
  • Efficacy of antimicrobial preservation
  • Validation of test methods in the presence of the product with complete document
  • Growth promotion testing of microbiological culture media
  • Comprehensive testing of biological indicators: efficacy of sterilization, population assay
  • Working area hygiene controls

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