pharmacovigilance services for HUMAN and Veterinary Medicines AND vigilance serviceS FOR MEDICAL DEVICES

Our Pharmacovigilance team consists of highly dedicated professionals with experience from the pharmaceutical and medical device industry and the CRO business. Our processes are fully compliant with local and EU regulations, guidelines and requirements. We are specialised in pharmacovigilance and vigilance services concerning human and veterinary medicinal products and medical devices and offer comprehensive services in the Nordic and Baltic countries, and through our regulatory network, also in other European countries. We will guide you through the entire product lifecycle, from safety profiling in the clinical phase to post-market PV systems. Our services are always tailor-made to your needs, from comprehensive service packages to individual and temporary tasks.

EU QPPV and local QPPV / named safety contact

Our QPPV team serves you with extensive experience in pharmacovigilance systems.

Post-marketing pharmacovigilance for human and veterinary medicinal products

Up-to-date and comprehensive PV systems for both veterinary and human products.

Pharmacovigilance agreements and audits

Medfiles ensures smooth processes between all stakeholders.

Clinical Trials Safety

Monitoring safety of the product during the clinical development phase is essential to ensure safe products on the market.

Medical Device Vigilance

Comprehensive experience and know-how of the Medfiles vigilance and MD team at your disposal.

Medical Information

Effective team with in-depth understanding of AEs and PQCs.

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