Rotary tablet press CPR-18 is now up and running


Our newest technological addition to Medfiles’ laboratories, a rotary benchtop tablet press, is now up and running. The equipment qualification is completed, and we have passed Fimea’s manufacturing authorisation extension inspection with flying colours.

The tablet press reinforces our R&D and production services even further by extending our manufacturing authorisation. This eight-station tablet press, best suited for small- and pilot-scale manufacturing, is placed in the clean room area which allows tableting, the manufacturing of IMP tablet products and the development of tablet formulations. With the new tablet press, we can cater to our clients’ R&D needs in the field of tablet dosage forms even better.

  • The new instrumented tablet press is best suited for tableting and the development of tablet formulations.
  • The standard D-type tooling allows the preparation of different tablet sizes and shapes.
  • The tablet press has a full tooling set as well as a reduced set for development, which means that materials with limited availability can be processed with reduced tooling to decrease and control material loss.

We can successfully develop your product from the early stages through the clinical phases into a profitable finished product for the market. We have the technology and the know-how. Let’s work together and create something new!

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Eero Strandman
Eero Strandman
Manager, Business Development
Mob. +358 50 370 2360

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