Review of marketing materials in the Nordic and Baltic countries


Do you have an existing marketing material for your product and would like to use the same material in the Nordic or Baltic countries? We can review the material and edit the contents to make it compliant with the regulations in the target countries. Or are you producing new materials for a specific market? We can review your material and ensure it is suitable to use in that market. At Medfiles, we manage more than 600 material reviews or questions related to marketing materials each year.

What does the review include?

  • Medical review: ensuring that all references are appropriate as per country-specific requirements and in line with the latest approved SmPC. We can also perform a profound assessment of the content, such as suitability of the meta-analyses.
  • Editorial review: correcting typing and spelling errors and reviewing the overall appearance of the material.
  • Ethical review: ensuring that the material is compliant with local ethical guidelines and legislation

Examples of marketing material reviews:

  • Health awareness campaigns, TV, radio and Internet advertisements, information leaflets for the public or patients, pharmacy advert materials: The contents and appearance of marketing materials for the public are highly regulated, and you cannot share the same information to the public as you would to healthcare professionals. In addition, the nature of the material has an impact on what kind of content is allowed.
  • Training materials, invitations, hospitality rules and contents for scientific events, information leaflets for HCPs and pharmacies: The professions that are considered “healthcare professionals” vary between some countries, and one material may not be suitable to be shared for the same professions in all countries. At international scientific events, the content of the materials and hospitality customs must be compliant with regulations of all the participating countries.

Common marketing material for a wider region

It has become increasingly common to have one common material for HCPs in several countries, such as for all Nordic countries, all Baltic countries, or all Northern European countries. If you wish to use one common marketing material for HCPs in several countries, it must be compliant with the regulations of all the target countries. At Medfiles, we can offer you one contact point for the review process for all Nordic and Baltic countries.

We have experience in the use of content management platforms, through which the process for the marketing material review is smooth and secure: the experts from all target countries can review the material securely stored in one location with easy access to all comments in the same material.

If there are challenging topics during the review process – which can be hard to solve with just comments and email correspondence – we can always arrange a small workshop or meeting to discuss the topic with the client and experts from different target countries, enabling agile exchange of information and a swift solution to the problem.

Contact us to optimise your processes to best suit your business needs: Mikko Reinman, Head of operations, Pharma regulatory affairs,

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