Norifumi Ninokata

MSc (Management of Technology)​

Norifumi Ninokata has a Master’s degree in Management Technology from the Tokyo University of Science, Japan. Since joining WDB Holdings in 2005 as the Director of Sales and Global Business Promotion, Mr. Ninokata has been involved mainly in developing business plans and leading personnel work and management of WDB subsidiaries. As the President & CEO of Business Succession Partners Co., Ltd., in 2010, he was responsible for overall business development and expansion of WDB group business.

In addition, as the President & CEO of WDB Medical Data, Inc., since 2016, Mr. Ninokata was responsible for managing the business in the US with other subsidiaries of WDB Holdings and executing WDB group business. Following the successful acquisition of DZS Clinical Services in the US, he was appointed as the President of DZS in September 2018, followed by his appointment as the President of Oy Medfiles Ltd. in May 2020.

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