Mirja Savolainen

MSc (Biochem)​
Director, R&D and Analytical services​

Mirja Savolainen has led the R&D and analytical services unit at Medfiles Ltd since 2007. Before that she worked for 10 years as a laboratory manager of the microbiological laboratory: her main responsibility was to set up and develop microbiological services. Before Medfiles she held various teaching positions on laboratory techniques in microbiology and cell biology at the University of Kuopio. Mirja Savolainen has also been the responsible director of Medfiles Ltd between 2008-2018; this is a mandatory position stipulated by the Finnish Medicines Act for every company with a GMP licence. She has experience in quality issues as well as occupational safety. She has a long track record in CRO business with a wide range of duties from those of a scientific expert to marketing and business unit management.

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