Miki Otsuka

In 1986, Miki Otsuka graduated from the Department of English Studies, Kobe City University of Foreign Studies. In 2009, she completed her Graduate School of Business Administration from Kobe University. Miki Otsuka joined WDB in 1986 where she assisted in translation work as a career coordinator in sales and branch operations. In 1995, Miki Otsuka was certified as a licensed social insurance worker. She was appointed the director of the company in 1997 and senior managing director in 2000. She has also published the book “Work and the Art of Developing Self-Confidence in Temporary Workers” (CHUOKEIZAI-SHA, INC.) in 2000. In March 2017, Miki Otsuka was appointed the Chairman of the Board of Oy Medfiles Ltd.

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