Medfiles strengthening CRO business in the U.S. via WDB group


Medfiles’ mother company, WDB Holdings Co., Ltd, has announced the successful and complete acquisition of DZS Software Solutions Inc. (DZS), a U.S. CRO company, through its US subsidiary, WDB Medical Data Inc on 31 August 2018. Upon completing the transaction, DZS will become a consolidated group company of WDB Group in the U.S. like Oy Medfiles Ltd, in Finland. WDB Holding Co., Ltd is continuously growing and strengthening its CRO business and this, as well, allows Medfiles to grow and expand its operations and services to its clients.

WDB Medical Data provides pharmacovigilance and medical call center services while, DZS provides clinical operations, data management, and biostatistics services in the US market. We believe that this acquisition will bring new business opportunities for Medfiles’ clients by widening geographical coverage for clinical services.

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