Medfiles Laboratory enhances its capabilities


Medfiles R&D and Analytical Services unit has new additions to laboratory instrumentation.

Two new modern dissolution apparatus, UPLC and FT-IR have been put into operation in our laboratory during last year. These new instruments meet harmonized USP, EP and JP guidance and integrate the latest technologies for flexible product development and robust and reliable QC operations. These are a great addition to our instrumentation and improve the efficiency in the laboratory processes, each in their own way.

Dissolution apparatus have modern solutions, such as:

  • Dissolution medium degasser and dispenser
  • Automated, rapid and accurate sampling system with integrated filter changer
  • Possibility to create methods for each unit to reduce starting time
  • Capability to run same method or two different independent ones

One more UPLC was added to our laboratory to increase capacity even further. The need for UPLC analyses is increasing and more and more methods are developed with this LC system. Medfiles LC arsenal is already very impressive, altogether 23 HPLC/UPLC instruments with different detectors.

FT-IR was introduced to our laboratory to replace the old one. New IR is operated with validated system and the analyses are faster to perform and report.

Continuous investment in laboratory techniques is essential in a modern service laboratory in the pharma field and the way to succeed in serving our customers.

If you are interested in our R&D and Analytical Services, please contact Minna Heiskanen, Head of service performance,

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