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At Medfiles we can build up our expertise and our exceptionally broad selection of services provides all employees the possibility for personal development and lifelong learning. Working with motivated and highly skilled international teams create a positive attitude and allow us to achieve our shared vision. Through an atmosphere of discussion and flexibility, we offer each of our employees a workplace that is supported by our values. 

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Mikko Reinman

Head of operations, Pharma regulatory affairs

As Regulatory affairs manager I am leading a team of top notch regulatory affairs experts who handle product life cycle management responsibilities for pharma products. My main task is to ensure that our team has the best possible skills and resources available so that they can continue to grow in their profession. Years of experience in regulatory affairs, a diverse background in various positions in biotech and big pharma companies, and a Master’s degree in science has enabled me to succeed in my current position. Medfiles has been a big part of my life for over 12 years. Surrounded by wonderful colleagues, I really feel at home here.

Pipsa hämäläinen

Analytical Expert

Originally, I have a bachelor’s degree in laboratory services. I came to Medfiles to work as a laboratory technician in the inhalation laboratory. While working, I completed a laboratory engineering degree. As a result of this, I moved to an analytical expert position. My greatest strength as an expert is in the vast experience that I have practical work. My job description is diverse,: I do everything from reviewing analyseszes to equipment responsibilities. It is very rewarding to help the laboratory run smoothly.To see Medfiles grow and develop has been great.

Kristina Basevičienė

Senior Drug Safety Expert

“I remember the time that I sat down and decided upon the values that were important for me in finding a job. After few months I joined the Medfiles team and from this point on,  I began to see my life and career changes in a positive way. Medfiles has given me the opportunity to try different working areas from international clinical trials to global drug safety projects. There is always the ability to express your needs in terms of work-life balance, to discuss your career perspective, and to get support, and guidance to reach your personal or professional aims. With this kind of company support, I am able to serve as QPPV for international clients, to act as Pharmacovigilance auditor and help companies to secure a healthier tomorrow.

Igne Venceviciute

Head of operations, Clinical research, Baltics

I joined Medfiles more than 5 years ago as a freelance CRA. I did not have any intentions for a management position, as I was really enjoying CRA activities. My managers at Medfiles noticed my potential, so they helped to unfold and grow my skillset by entrusting me with a permanent position. At the moment, I am a Clinical Research Manager for the Baltics and Administrative Director for one of Medfiles affiliates. Medfiles gives me freedom and flexibility that is important for growth and support. Besides my professional and personal development, I love our F2F gatherings to meet my international colleagues and see their homelands. We have builtd up beautiful friendships and have made a tons of wonderful memories that bring a smile to my face whenever I remember those moments. As it has not been possible to meet face to face lately, we connect via regular remote coffee breaks- this hasve kept our team spirit up during these challenging times.

Jari Huttunen

ICT Director

When I initially joined Medfiles, I started with researching options for designing the meta structure and workflows for a new system that was being implemented – M-Files DMS. Since the beginning, however, Medfiles has offered me various opportunities to gradually extend my responsibilities and strengthen my professional knowledge. After a decade at Medfiles, I switched over to work at a CDMO company, managing the IT function.

The position in the CDMO gave me a great insight on FDA regulated manufacturing. Also, my vision and understanding, for automating systems in the pharmaceutical industry, was significantly broadened. 

Now, after returning and as the ICT Director at Medfiles, I am looking for new ways of working and, with my team by association, help the organization to better enjoy their work. I am leading a professional team helping the business adapt to modern ways of working by implementing digitalization and automatization inside the regulated pharmaceutical framework.

Mia Jäntti

Human Resources Coordinator

I have a strong clinical laboratory background, because I am a bioanalyst by education. While studying the development and management of the social and health sector, I ended up in Medfiles’ laboratory alongside my studies. After completing my master’s degree, I had the opportunity to work part-time in HR positions, and today I work at Medfiles as a human resources coordinator. The well-being of staff is important to me and I feel I have the opportunity to do impressive work to promote the well-being of our work community. I see Medfiles evolving in the right direction and that’s why it’s great to be involved!

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