Medfiles offers

We want our employees to feel well both at work and at home, while feeling that they belong to the team. That’s why we do all we can to provide a sense of wellbeing for them.

Benefits may vary by country.

  • Flexible Schedules – possibility to work from office or remotely with adjustable time-schedule
  • Ergonomic, well equipped, mental health supporting work environment
  • Possibility of 5 weeks vacation per year also in Baltics
  • Compensation for eyeglasses/contact lenses
  • Support for active lifestyles and physical health, such as sports/massage, bike benefit
  • Mobile phone benefit
  • Lunch benefit
  • Gift card for worked years – a little thank to our long-term employees (beginning at 5 years of employment)
  • Common cross-border events and local Christmas events
  • Professional development/trainings
  • Family friendly attitude
  • Healthy and stable work environment – supportive and friendly attitude in a team from colleagues to managers

Training programs

We care about lifelong-learning, and as such our employees have a strong word in which directions they would like to develop.

  • Comprehensive familiarisation training package for newcomers.
  • Wide range of internal trainings provided by our own experts. 
  • Training plans in place for our employees to properly assess and develop their competencies based on their and the company’s needs.
    • For example, in our laboratory unit, we have HPLC-, microbiological- and inhalation-trainings, as well as different kinds of method trainings and GMP-trainings.

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