Is your company looking for a reliable provider of medical information services?


At Medfiles, we can offer you an expert medical information team to handle your company’s medical information services. Our services cover both pharmaceuticals and medical devices and are fully compliant with national and EU legislation. We will help your company set up, maintain and develop functions according to your needs and wishes. Close cooperation and open communication ensure a smooth workflow and efficient processes. Ongoing quality control activities are part of our processes. By outsourcing your company’s pharmaceutical information functions to Medfiles, you will have access to a resource-saving high-quality service solution tailored to your needs.

Our dedicated medical information team consists of experienced professionals with in-depth expertise in the pharmaceutical industry, CRO operations and other pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Our service-minded and patient safety-oriented team ensures that all inquiries are answered promptly and that responses are based on accurate and up-to-date product information.

Medication information services provided by Medfiles include:
• Telephone and email services
• Professional customer service
• Immediate responses to questions by using the information sources provided by your company
• Forwarding questions without intermediaries to company-designated contacts
• Processing adverse reaction reports and forwarding them to the Pharmacovigilance Unit
• Forwarding product defects and product complaints to the Quality Assurance Unit
• Monitoring of reporting timelines
• Effective and proactive link between your company and healthcare staff / patients
• Translation services
• Local services in the Nordics and Baltics

In addition to medical information services, we also provide regulatory and pharmacovigilance services to support your operations.

Contact us for more information and to optimise your processes to suit your company’s business needs:
Satu Kujala, Head of Pharmacovigilance, EU QPPV,

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