Introduction of ‘nutrient profiles’ is currently being planned in the EU – the initiative is now open for feedback


Have you already given your input on the new European Commission initiative proposing changes to food labelling?

The European Commission is planning the introduction of ‘nutrient profiles’. The change could mean that a nutrient profile in front of the pack would become a mandatory requirement for food products, indicating the total fat content as well as the amounts of saturated fat, sugars and salt. In addition, the use of nutrition and health claims would only be allowed for foods which fulfil predetermined content requirements regarding these nutrients.

Another objective is to clarify the ‘use by’ and ‘best before’ markings to improve consumer safety and to minimise food waste. The Commission suggests that these dates be made clearer to the consumer by changing the way they are marked. One option to accomplish this would be an extended list of products for which the ‘best before’ date would not be required. The difference could also be made clearer either visually or with a longer, more precise text, such as ‘Best before, often good after’.

The initiative also covers extending the requirements for origin labelling. In addition to the current requirements, indicating the origin could be extended to other ingredients on the EU level, national level or regional level, for example for milk and milk used as an ingredient, meat used as an ingredient, rice, and tomato in certain products.

Read more about the initiative on the European Commission’s website. You can leave feedback on the initiative until 3 February 2021.

The revisions are planned to take effect at the end of 2022.

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