International collaboration between Medfiles and Nuverica enhances commercial use of nutrition and health claims through digitalisation


The Medfiles Food Team works with health claims almost every day. The team is growing and wants to develop its processes further in order to serve its clients even better and more efficiently.

For this reason, Medfiles has started collaboration with the Swedish FoodTech company Nuverica. The start-up aims to help food companies with nutrition and health claims by providing a digital tool which can shorten lead times in these processes from weeks to minutes.

The collaboration will bring new opportunities for both. Through Nuverica, Medfiles will streamline its processes for producing nutrition and health claims in its client projects. Medfiles will use Nuverica’s digital service and offer its expert team to consult the users of Nuverica’s tool in the complex, grey areas that cannot be digitised yet. When it comes to claims and interpretation of regulations, there are always tasks that cannot be replaced by digital systems, and traditional regulatory expert work will always be needed.

“The combination of a smaller, fast-moving company and a larger, more experienced one creates incredibly strong opportunities for innovation. We see this as the beginning of an important collaboration that will significantly change the way marketing communications around food will look like in the EU. It will make it easier for food companies to do the right thing from the start and therefore, also make it easier for the end-consumer to make well-informed decisions when buying food. A healthy development for all parties involved,” says Mari Lyyra, Head of Operations, Food & Feed and Cosmetics at Medfiles.

“The fact that Medfiles is stepping in as both a client and partner is a giant leap in the right direction for Nuverica, partly because it confirms that our tool is also relevant outside of Sweden. With the help of Medfiles’ large team of nutrition and health claims experts, we will create even more value to our clients – even within the snarkiest grey areas of the EU regulations. The Nordic countries are not that big, but together we make up a significant part of the European market, and through cross-border collaboration like this, we can further strengthen the innovative power of the Nordics, which feels fantastic,” says Carolin Solskär, co-founder and CEO of Nuverica.

The cooperation has already been noted in the Swedish media:

The Medfiles food regulatory affairs experts assist in all nutrition and health claim areas, including claim wordings, marketing materials and health claim dossiers.

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