Have a look at Medfiles’ expertise for inhalation products


Do you need analytical or other services for DPI and MDI products? If so, please have a look at Medfiles’ wide expertise for inhalation products and our facilities.

We at Medfiles have GMP-certified humidity and temperature-controlled QC/development laboratories where comprehensive chemical analyses of inhalation products are performed. Microbiological assays are carried out in our microbiology laboratories. We are experienced in method development and validation for a variety of analytical techniques. If specific working and testing conditions are required, we can create extreme conditions in the ClimateZone enclosure system and perform required measures inside. Photostability facilities as well as standard and tailored stability storages are also at your disposal. In addition, our clean production area can be used for small-scale technical batch manufacturing of inhalation product development.

All the above-mentioned services are performed by our highly experienced experts; quality-oriented and committed inhalation laboratory personnel who take pride in delivering accurate and scientifically valid analytical results. Pharmaceutical development and management as well as pharmaceutical documentation teams are a part of our inhalation expert group. Additionally, our regulatory teams in the Nordic and Baltic countries ensure success for your product in the market through our regulatory network that covers most European countries. Medfiles is professional also in international clinical studies.

We at Medfiles know that special knowledge and experience are required to succeed in developing and launching inhalation products and keeping products on the market. The data in the lifecycle of inhalation products must be high-quality in every step of the scientific work. We understand our clients’ goals and know how to succeed because inhalation products are our specialty.

For any services related to MDIs or DPIs, contact our Director, R&D and Laboratory Services, Mirja Savolainen.

Mirja Savolainen
Director, R&D and Laboratory Services

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