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Tiina Carlsson is a Regulatory Affairs Expert and part of the Food & Nutrition team at Medfiles. She holds a master’s degree in health sciences (nutrition) and works mainly with foods for special groups (FSGs). “What I do is regulatory work related to FSGs that are to be launched in Finland and/or Sweden and coordinate the work that is done in other countries with the help of our partners”, Tiina says. “Firstly, I help our clients make sure that the products are OK to be sold in these countries and secondly, that the package labels are as they should be – to every last detail. If authorities have to be contacted during this process, we can do it anonymously for the client, which they often appreciate. Lastly, I help clients with notifying the products and applying for reimbursement.”

Even though the regulations are the same in all EU countries, the interpretations and emphases of national authorities may vary. Moreover, reimbursement practices are very different in each country. Tiina and the Food and Nutrition Team have extensive experience in national authorities’ recommendations, which can be worth its weight in gold for the client, making the process much smoother and more efficient. For Tiina, the regulatory aspects of FSGs are particularly interesting as the field is versatile and complex. Currently, new regulations are being adopted, in which Tiina’s expertise and experience come in handy.

During her career, Tiina has worked both in Finland and Sweden and has, therefore, gained a professional level in the Swedish language, which is definitely an advantage, as all food labels in Finland must be printed in both Finnish and Swedish. “Also, being able to create labels to suit both the Finnish and the Swedish markets is an advantage that can save money for our clients”, she adds.

Tiina considers her precision, language skills, her ability to assimilate new information quickly and her kindness her professional strengths. But she feels that the biggest strength of all is her great team that really brings out the best in everyone.

“I enjoy working in my team and with FSG-related questions and – to everyone reading this – I would be happy to help you with your projects and questions in that area!”

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Tiina Carlsson
Regulatory Affairs Expert, Food & Nutrition

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