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Medfiles offers comprehensive services for phase I–IV clinical trials, medical device investigations and food and nutrition studies. From the perspective of practical study conduct, the heart of our clinical department is the CRA team. We, experts in clinical trials, are happy to provide individual services or a complete package of flexible solutions extending from study planning to final reporting together with our project managers and scientific experts. Our CRA Team is ready to help you with ethical and authority submissions, and we can also provide outsourcing services and varied solutions for investigator-initiated studies. We all have strong GCP knowledge, and some of us have more experience on medical devices, some in traditional clinical studies. We always select the most suitable experts for your study to ensure fluent study conduct.

We are experienced in a wide range of therapeutic areas, including diabetes, oncology, vaccines and gene therapy, and we have extensive knowledge of nutritional interventions as well as of the local requirements in the countries in which we operate– in the Nordics and Baltics foremost. We are all customer-oriented and dedicated to creating a good relationship with site staff and customers.

We provide expert support that enables you to succeed in your clinical studies.

If you need help with your clinical study, don’t hesitate to contact the Medfiles CRA Team. We are at your disposal.

Elina Puumalainen
Senior CRA[/one-fourth-first] [one-fourth]
Suvi Leppikallio
CRA[/one-fourth] [one-fourth]
Julia Tennilä
Senior CRA[/one-fourth] [one-fourth]
Tuija Marin
Senior CRA[/one-fourth] [one-fourth-first]
Liisa Heikkila
CRA[/one-fourth-first] [one-fourth]
Jaana Liesivuori
CRA/ Quality (GCP) assistant[/one-fourth] [one-fourth]
Urve Imelik
Senior CRA[/one-fourth] [one-fourth]
Tuulia Vihervuori


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