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A master’s degree in food science (human nutrition) enables me to work in many different fields. I find regulatory affairs especially intriguing as they allow me to combine my interests in food and health with my know-how in regulatory requirements and the precision needed in food labelling.

Food supplements – my main area of expertise – require skill in the case-by-case assessment, due to the broad range of potential substances and ingredients, marketing claims and disparities between national interpretations. Language skills are also of utmost importance, not only for being able to communicate with clients worldwide, but also in creating and translating package labels that comply with legal requirements and ensure the safety of the consumer. As all mandatory labelling texts in Finland have to be published both in Finnish and Swedish, the two national languages, my bilingual background is a definite asset: meeting tight deadlines is considerably easier when there is no need to purchase external translation services.

As a regulatory affairs expert working with food supplements, I get to take part in many interesting tasks, such as product planning, assessment of ingredients, registration process as well as creation and translation of package labels and marketing texts. The work also includes communication with the relevant authorities when needed. We always tailor our work and services according to the needs of each client, which makes the job so versatile and meaningful.

We help our clients reach new markets, launch products compliant with the applicable legislation and create package labels that serve both the client and the consumers. My previous studies in business administration and management provide an insight into the needs of our valued clients, not only from a regulatory point of view, but in terms of practical issues, tight schedules, budgets and goals.

I would say working at Medfiles is a privilege. I have so many wonderful colleagues who are always helpful and eager to learn more. This keeps the atmosphere inspiring, even during busy seasons.

Mia Gothóni
Regulatory Affairs Expert
Food and Nutrition


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