First live webinar of Medfiles’ 2021 webinar series will be held on Thursday 18th of February


Join Medfiles’ free live webinar on Thursday 18th of February from 1 pm to 2:30 pm (UTC+2) on current topics in Food and Feed regulations in the EU!

Medfiles will organise a webinar series this spring for those working in pharmaceutical, medical device, IVD or food and feed sectors. The series will start 18th of February with current topics on Food and Feed regulations. The event will be organised with Teams live-event tool, so you can participate from your own computer – where ever you are. Registration for the first webinar is now open, so sign up right away and let your colleagues know as well! When signing up, you will be able to ask questions from our experts beforehand to get them answered during the event.

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Webinar time table:

13.00-13.05    Welcome and introduction (Business Development Manager Tuuli Marvola)

Chair: Mari Lyyra, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Food & Nutrition and Feeds, Oy Medfiles Ltd

 13.05-13.25    Origin of primary ingredient of a food in practice (Regulatory Affairs Expert Martta Raatikainen)

  • Regulation (EU) 2018/775 on indicating of primary ingredient origin of a food has been applied almost one year. Food business operators have faced several questions how to handle this task.
  • Answers and some practical examples are provided.

+ 5 minutes for questions

13.30-14.00    Topical and future tasks on food regulatory field in the EU (Regulatory Affairs Experts Tiina Carlsson and Maija Salmenhaara)

 Following topics are included:

  • Transparency Regulation (EU) 2019/1381 will be applied from 27th March 2021
  • Minimum and maximum values for vitamins and minerals including food supplements and fortified foods, initiative for the regulation in Commission
  • Nutrition profiles for claims
  • Origin of ingredient indications to be expanded
  • Best before and last use day
  • Botanical claims – what is the situation at the moment in the EU
  • Acrylamide – new rules planned
  • Update of general food law in Finland.

+ 5 minutes for questions

14.05-14.20    Innovative new ingredients – possibilities in animal feeds in the EU (Regulatory Affairs Manager Mari Lyyra)

New innovative ingredients are constantly developed to utilise side streams and to save climate and our environment. In addition to food, there are several options also on animal feed sector to register these new ingredients.

+ 5 minutes for question

14.25-14.30 Closure (Tuuli Marvola)


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