Medfiles offers GMP-compliant bacterial endotoxin testing

Endotoxin testing is our newest microbiological service at Medfiles, bringing you an easy way to reliably test the endotoxin level of your product. It broadens our scope in the field of microbiological testing, of which we, at Medfiles, have nearly 30 years of expertise.

Bacterial endotoxin detection is a requirement for making intravenous drugs and vaccines safe for patients’ use. The techniques offered by Medfiles are the chromogenic kinetic method (LAL), which has a sensitivity range of 0.005–50.0 EU/ml and the gel-clot limit test. Both tests comply with Pharmacopoeia.

 For further information, please contact:

Tuija Happonen, Laboratory Manager
Tel. +358 50 566 1856

  • 23.11.2018