Data integrity enhanced even further in Medfiles’ laboratories


The laboratory information management system (LIMS) has now been validated in our laboratories in compliance with the GMP requirements. The system will be implemented in phases. We have started with stability study management and will move on to other research types, such as pharmaceutical products and raw materials.

LIMS produces electronically signed certificates of analyses in English, which we will send to you via secure email. All GxP critical content, such as management of specifications and test methods, requires version control in the system. This will enhance traceability and quality control even further, in addition to harmonising our procedures.

LIMS is our next step towards a fully electronic laboratory, enhancing data integrity and making our services even more efficient.

If you are interested in knowing more about our R&D and laboratory services, please contact our Laboratory Manager Tuija Happonen.

Tuija Happonen
Tuija Happonen
Laboratory Manager
+358 50 566 1856

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