Corporate social responsibility 

We strive to contribute to self-realization, environmental protection, and economic development through the creation of employment and jobs.

Health and Safety

  • To ensure physical safety, we train employees in safe and ergonomic work practices, and in the proper use of  protective equipment. 
  • We support mental well-being through top notch supervisory work and a conversational working atmosphere 
  • Close cooperation between Occupational Health, Human Resources and the Occupational Safety Commission helps to develop increased occupational safety and awareness of the areas in need of development in a timely manner 
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to ensure that employees have ability to work without undue infection risks, by taking relevant precautions to fulfil work safety obligations and to protect all personnel. 

Non-discrimination and equality

  • It is important to us that all employees and applicants are treated equally. 
  • We do not tolerate any form of discrimination based on gender, race, nationality, or any other personal characteristics.  
  • The purpose of common guidelines and regular employee surveys are to maintain the principles of equal workplace. 

Information security

At Medfiles we want to make sure that the data we’re hosting, remains safe and is always processed in compliance with relevant regulations. Thus, we’ve committed to improving the procedures for ensuring data integrity in all functions.

A Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) was established to respond to any potential breach or reported insufficiency in information security or information system use. The CSIRT core will evaluate all signals reported and accordingly initiate counter measures and mitigation with escalation to a broader scope with in the CSIRT, including the management team and the legal.

Quality Assurance​

  • We follow EU guidelines and national legislation   
  • We have a quality system in place which covers GMP, GCP and GVP requirements  
  • Our GMP functions operate under MIA (manufacturer´s authorisation) and GMP certificates granted by FIMEA   
  • All employees are trained to follow QMS, and main functions are harmonized with different units  
  • Risk assessment is an important part of our quality system  
  • QMS is audited regularly by internal and external audits and inspections 


  • Medfiles has been awarded a bronze medal 2021 in recognition of sustainability achievement. The Sustainability Scorecard illustrates performance across 21 indicators in four themes: environment issues, labor & human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement.   
  • We continently stive to improve our sustainable procurement policies 
  • Environmental issues are important for us. We commit to reduction of carbon emissions in transportation 
  • We have formalized procedure related to materials / chemicals management (e.g. storing, handling, transportation) 
  • We are a member of Pharma Industry Finland and we commit to the PIF Code of Ethics 
  • Responsible employer Kuopio 2021 
  • Medfiles has been felicitated by different instances for providing its clients with high class service along with fresh, flexible and fair business at all times.

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