Our services include pharmaceutical development and analytical services, phase I–IV drug studies (in humans and animals), medical device investigations, food and nutrition studies, regulatory affairs related to human and veterinary medicines and food and nutrition, health economics/market access, and pharmacovigilance. Additionally, we offer services in preparation of pharmaceutical documentation, medical and regulatory writing, translations, Qualified Person (QP) activities, and pharmaceutical wholesaling. We also provide consultation on all these above-mentioned subject areas. We are happy to help you starting from small tasks to extensive long-term projects.

All this culminates in our “one-stop-shop” service package which offers you rapid, fluent and cost-effective way of outsourcing your activities. For detailed information, please have a look at our Services descriptions, or contact our staff directly via Contact us.

Medfiles – a unique outsourcing company with a mutually profitable range of services to pharmaceutical, medical device and food, nutrition and cosmetic companies, as well as other clients in health care and related industries. Our company follows quality standards and procedures and is being continually audited by regulatory authorities and clients.


Medfiles has been felicitated by  different instances for providing its clients with high class service along with fresh, flexible and fair business at all times.


Our Staff

We have about 150 experienced experts at your service. We offer services in product development and analytical services, clinical trials (medicinal products, medical devices, functional foods, including health benefits of food ingredients), health economics, and regulatory affairs (e.g. marketing authorisation) culminating in a “one-stop-shop” service package.

We can provide you with both global and local expertise. For more detailed information, please have a look at our Services, or contact directly our staff via Contact us.