About us

Medfiles is honoured to be working with brilliant visionaries from diverse fields. Together we strive to promote health and welfare all over the world. From employing four people in 1987, Medfiles has grown into an organisation of over 150 experts, which tells about our work ethic, unique range of services and commitment to our clients.


Medfiles provides solutions for development and lifecycle management of healthcare products for companies who value high-quality services tailored to their needs.


We conduct business with pride and confidence. We focus on what is important: using our broad expertise to guide our clients through industry requirements while providing excellent client experience. Our operations are handled by in-house staff with diverse scientific qualifications, up-to-date knowledge and expertise. Our reliable partner network is also readily available for a wide coverage of services. We aim to provide fair compensation and rewards for our employees, offering excellent work-life balance, personal growth and an inspiring working environment.


We serve companies globally. Our core competence is in the European market but we are also continuously strengthening our expertise in other market areas in order to increase our international presence as a premium quality service provider and CRO. We drive success for our clients and personnel through innovation and a strong company culture that supports professional development.


The expertise and knowledge of our experts is and will always be our most important asset. As a company, we pride ourselves in constantly keeping up with industry and technology developments. Our aim is to build and develop on existing expertise and knowledge in order to support our internal development and be able to quickly respond to the future global requirements and challenges within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.


Our clients’ goal is ultimately also our goal. Our contribution to bringing better and safer healthcare solutions for patients and consumers is the priority and the driving force behind our decision-making.


Our driving values in all business are Flexibility, Reliability and Fairness. These are the cornerstones of our way of operation and collaboration.


We emphasize flexibility in everything we do by adjusting our actions to meet client needs and working promptly, professionally and efficiently. We also offer flexibility to our personnel.


We take responsibility for our client´s projects, products and tasks and deliver our promise. We pride ourselves on the quality and meaningfulness of our work.


We value fairness, transparency and open communication when working both with clients and internally. Continued development of encouraging and fair organizational culture is part of our activities every day.

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