About us

Medfiles wants to be a professional company that continues to lead in the discovery of hidden value and add new value. We always try to solve customer’s issues with best effort and to contribute to the future of health care. It is our role as CRO to make proposals for issues including customers are not aware of, and to make proposals utilizing our know-how and experiences. ​

We will conduct business with pride and confidence in knowing that each and every company employee recognizes their responsibility, and moreover fully acknowledges their important role within the organization as a part of the whole. ​

In terms of work content, work rewards, work-life balance, self-growth, work environment, human relationship, and inspiring teamwork, we aim to be a company that provides each and every individual joy through their work. ​

Our vision

Strengthen our position as the leading CRO in Finland, and the Nordic and Baltic countries – by being a “one-stop-shop”.​

Our values

Our driving values in all business are Flexibility, Fairness and Freshness. These are the cornerstones of our way of operation and collaboration.


We provide the highest quality of work; we are flexible, prompt and accurate with a professional attitude.​


We never stop improving our activities; the secret of our success is our open-minded, fresh and positive attitude.​


We keep our promises. You can trust us and rely on our commitment to co-operation.​

Our mission

Our mission is to develop more efficient, safer and cost-effective health care products with quality. We aim to create better and healthier future together.​

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